A Third Version of the Imaginary
HD | 1.78 | color | stereo | 12:00" | Swahili, w/ English subtitles | 2012

From the 2013 FIDMarseille catalog:
In this very short, very intense film, we see and understand, as we so rarely do. In a place that acts as a film library in Nairobi, guided by the manager of the site, we follow a presentation of the archives shot in Kenya. From the real difficulties inherent to conservation, we suddenly move on to others. The question of language, of the representation of a language such as Swahili, shapes it into those motifs associated with censure, it is the links between image, language and censure that appear. And yet Benjamin Tiven does not consider this complex ensemble as the subject of his work — but as the very material of his very own judiciously enigmatic film.
(Jean-Pierre Rehm)

Selected screenings:
International Film Festival Rotterdam, FIDMarseille, Courtisane, The Vienna International Film Festival, Oberhausen Short Film Festival, Migrating Forms Festival, Museum of the Moving Image, Cinephemere@FIAC, RIDM Film Festival Montreal, Arsenal Kino, Berlin, and the video program of Hartware Medien Kunstverein, Dortmund.

Kunsthal Charlottenberg, Copenhagen (2013); ICA Philadelphia (2014); Fotografisk Center, Copenhagen (2015); Bemis Center for Contemporary Art (2016)

Everyday Static Transmissions, a conversation about the film, Kenyan media history, and the politics of state imaging with Brian Larkin and Tavia Nyong'o, was published in Triple Canopy in May, 2014