Two Devices
HD | 1.78 | color | stereo | 10:00" | 2014

Two Devices narrates the imminent mechanization of natural forms, through the fable of a donkey who has second thoughts about committing an act of violence, and a robotic bird who struggles to fly away from its human handlers. Eventually, both devices fail. They delineate a circuit: while technology bends the machine toward the animal, war converts the animal into a machine.

Scrim Sinews, a reader on animality as a technological form, includes all research material and works related to this film. Co-edited with Per-Oskar Leu, and with contributions from Philip Glahn, Homay King, and Jonah Westerman
Published in May, 2015 by Cura Books, Rome

Synthetic Spectra, at the ICA Philadelphia
An Alternate Correspondence, gallery 1/9unosunove, Rome

Future Perfect, at Indie Grits, Columbia, SC
with films by Harun Farocki, the Otolith Group, and Andreas Bunte